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Jack is in the animal hospital. He got dehydrated again last night and I took him to an emergency vet that wants to aggressively treat what they think has evolved from an allergic issue to a bacterial infection of some sort. They also suspect his respiratory issues are chronic. They’re wonderful and thorough, and I’m grateful for round-the-clock care (but I am also about to be very, very poor).

Anyway, I’m feeling not-so-great today, but then I saw this. Kittens make everything better. 


kittens have their first sips of water [x]


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My teaching schedule in the fall is going to make it pretty difficult for me to go to shows in the week. One exception I’m making is September 11, when I’m going to have to choose between seeing Justin Townes Earle in the suburbs of Philadelphia or Cibo Matto with Nels Cline in Baltimore. Though one of the guiding principles in my life is “when in doubt, go see Nels,” I’m leaning toward heading to Ardmore. JTE is one of my very favorites, but I’ve only seen him once, around the time his last album came out. The show was wonderful, one of those nights when I heard every song I was hoping to and got so caught up in the performance that I forgot we were two hours from home and had left our car in a lot where I’d been convinced it wouldn’t be when we returned (spoiler: it was). Walking out of the TLA that warm spring night back into the clatter of South Street felt like surfacing from a dream.

How can I pass up the chance to experience that again?

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Heroic Cat Saves Boy From Bullies

A heroic cat came to the rescue of his young owner by JUMPING on bullies picking a fight.
Smudge sprang into action and pounced onto the chest of one bigger boy when he saw frightened Ethan pushed to the ground.
The boy and his friends were so shocked by the tabby cat’s actions that they ran away crying leaving Ethan Fenton, five, and his two-year-old brother Ashton alone.
Smudge has now been nominated for a National Cat of the Year award set up by the Cats Protection charity.

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Owner Celebrates Beloved Dog's Last Day

This is a really beautiful story, but be prepared to cry.

I had a scare with Jack today. He’s been fighting a respiratory infection for a few weeks. His first antibiotic didn’t work (most likely because he decided it would be fun to spit it out once he caught on to how gross it tasted), and I got a second antibiotic this weekend.

Today when I came home from running some errands, I could tell something was very wrong. He was very hot to the touch and disoriented, and he seemed to be breathing too rapidly. I rushed him to the vet, the whole way fearing and preparing myself for the worst. 

After an agonizing wait and his exam, I found out he had a fever and was very dehydrated. They took him in the back to give him an IV of fluids and a shot to help the fever break. When we came home, he wanted treats and lots of water. He’s still a little spooked, but mostly he seems okay.

So after the day I had, this article ripped me apart. I know that day will someday come for Jack. He’s the first pet I’ve ever had, and he’s been with me through some really tough times in my life. I can’t imagine my life without him. I take that back, I can—but it makes me really sad.

To some people, pets are just animals. That’s never been the case with me, or with the family in this article. I’m so thankful to have Jack in my life—and so happy and relieved that he’s doing better.

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